Dr. Joseph Wood
University of Baltimore

Joe Wood, long-time AGS councilor, is Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Baltimore, where he teaches urban history and community leadership. He holds degrees in geography from Middlebury College, the University of Vermont, and The Pennsylvania State University. He has taught at the University of Nebraska at Omaha; George Mason University, where he was founding chair of the Department of Geography and Earth Systems Science and vice provost for academic affairs; and the University of Southern Maine, where he was provost and interim president. He served as provost at the University of Baltimore from 2009 to 2016.

Joe’s scholarship has explored a range of topics from the New England village as invented tradition to the idea of the National Road in antebellum America to contemporary Vietnamese place-making in American suburbs. He is an active book reviewer for professional journals in geography, history, and architectural history. He was a visiting professor at South China Normal University in 1984 and an AGS travel program lecturer in Cambodia and Vietnam (where he was an Army combat engineer). Recent professional travel has included India, Cuba, Iran, and Qatar.

Among his present community connections, Joe is a member of the Aspen Workgroup on Racial Equity in Baltimore and chairs The Journey Home board, Baltimore’s Continuum of Care that works to make homelessness rare and brief. He also serves on the board of the Maryland Humanities Council.