Mr. Bern Grush
Grush Niles Strategic

Bern Grush is an Autonomous Transit Strategist at GrushNiles Strategic. Speaker, author, innovator and entrepreneur for autonomous vehicles, parking reform, and road pricing, Bern is the author of the 2016 RCCAO report “Ontario Must Prepare for Vehicle Automation: Automated vehicles can influence urban form, congestion, and infrastructure delivery”. Alain Kornhauser of Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering describes Bern’s initial report as “…excellent… probably best that I’ve seen”. A Maclean’s magazine editorial called it “…fascinating and carefully argued…” Gridlock Sam Schwartz, a past traffic commissioner of New York City, has described Bern as the top, current independent thinker on autonomous vehicle deployment. Part II of the RCCAO-sponsored report will be released in the Fall of 2017. Bern’s current projects include an Elsevier book to be published in 2018 tentatively titled: The End of Driving: Transportation Systems and Public Policy Planning for Autonomous Vehicles and a cloud-based policy framework called Harmonization Manager that will equip regional governments with the levers to provide the desired social outcomes from commercial autonomous transit provision while moving from the traditional acquire-and-operate mode to a specify-and-regulate mode, as new business models disrupt transit.