Dr. Josh Campbell
Sand Hill Geographic

Dr. Joshua S. Campbell, Founder and CEO of Sand Hill Geographic, has over 15 years of experience working with geographic information science and technology, including a range of open source and proprietary GIS software. He has designed, built, and deployed open source geospatial solutions for a range of academic, government, and international organizations. While at the State Department's Humanitarian Information Unit, Dr. Campbell created MapGive, a crowdsource mapping initiative designed to catalyze open geographic data production to support the humanitarian, development, and disaster risk reduction communities. He currently focuses on strategic consulting and geospatial product management, and has worked previously on geospatial software development, wind power, electrical transmission, archaeology, ecology, climate change, and journalism topics. Dr. Campbell is on the Council of the American Geographical Society, and holds a Ph.D. in Geography, a M.A. in Geography, and Bachelors in Anthropology, each from the University of Kansas.